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"your imperfections make you beautiful. they make you who you are, so just be who you are and love yourself for who you are and just keep going." {}

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He smelled of salt and blood, and only when his mouth came close to her ear did she understand what he was saying, and it was the simplest litany of all: her name, just her name.
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"She was slightly intimidated and attracted to him, and he was-in the best way- kind of amused by, and attracted to, her. They had this dance from when they first met.” -Neil Burger [on Shailene and Theo]

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favorite joan watson’s outfits (part III)

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A million girls would kill for this job.
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"My mum has been an influence on me in the way that she is a very independent woman who never has to fall back or rely on other people and she can always find her own way."

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Demi’s reaction to people singing along.

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"I’ll tell you one other little tidbit about Taylor’s sessions, to give you an idea of how tough this girl is. It was a summer day, and in my vocal booth, sometimes I turn the air conditioning off so it won’t make noise while we’re recording. I had kind of forgotten about that, and she’d been in there for a long time. And she was like, ‘Can I come out? It’s kind of hot in here.’ And she came out, and she’s all sweating – it was hotboxed in there. I’m about to kill this poor girl! I almost sent Taylor Swift to the hospital for dehydration! And she did not complain, she did not diva out – she came to work. I was just mortified." (Jeff Bhasker on Taylor Swift)

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